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Ok but I look cute as heck today

man i shaved my legs for prom FRIDAY EVENING and they’re already fuzzy again

obvs my hair is not meant to be contained

i know i said i wasnt hype for skywind (but thought it could still be cool)

but now im turned around going


that buff modded armor post is coming back to haunt me

Anonymous  whispered: Are you looking forward to skywind?

im not like, that hype about it really since i actually totally love vanilla morrowind and am 100% on the boat that it still looks great

BUT i know some fans woud like the updated graphics and if it can make people more open to tryin morrowind out that’d be REALLY COOL


look i wanna be straight up w/ you guys if you ever wanna just come to my askbox and headcanon-jam or talk about characters or something idk like you should just do it we dont already have to be friends or anything


Stage 4 is done!

This one is fairly simple, but it’s one a lot of people wanted for some reason. After hitting Alduin enough time, his power over Sovngarde breaks, and things go falling back in place.

Including you and him. 

So, you get stuck on giant Alduin’s back, which serves as the level. It’s smaller than the others, and difficult to navigate, which makes it dangerous because there’s quite a few falling bits of the world raining down on you. Your goal is to hit the sensitive bits of Alduin that appear around him. But there’s a catch. This level has no requirement to beat it. Rather, you’ve about two and a half minutes to hit as many of those bits as you can as many times as you can. But why?

Well, see in stage 5, Alduin’s health will be modified based on how many hits you did to him in stage 4. The more hits, the less health he’ll have.

And that’s stage 4! Run around on Alduin’s back, dodge fireballs, hit his bits to prep you for stage 5.

Onto the finale, stage 5 now, which shouldn’t take long to make at all.

Anonymous  whispered: /post/83261938512 can we get a link to that armor mod?

AH yes yes i think the source is this forum


when u bae call u cute name


Anonymous  whispered: what are those armor mods on tail and how did you get him to look so buff??

omg wait WHAT ARMOR MODS DO U MEAN THE ONES I JOKINGLY POSTED bc hes actually not modded like that in game omg. he doesnt have that killer leg/torso thing goin on

if u mean like my screenshots of him the game i think i just had thieves guild sleeveless mod + the Witcher armor pack uwu

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